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 In May 2001, Zibo XZL Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in Zibo High-tech Innovation Park, and it engaged in the
   production and sales of sodium p-styrene sulfonate products.
 In September 2005, the register area was moved to Yixi North Road in Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, and the
   company transformed from small production to scale production of sodium p-styrene sulfonate.
 In October 2005, the company began to engage in the R&D of biobuffer products (Good Buff), and it was put
   into production in January 2006, in 2007, it passed the GMP certification and entered into European and
   American markets.
 In 2007, the company was evaluated as high-tech enterprise by Shandong Science Bureau.
 In July 2009, the 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene(EDOT) was developed and put into production successfully.
 In April 2010, the company was transformed from limited liability company to stock company, and the enterprise
   changed name as Shandong XZL Bio-tech Co., Ltd.
 In May 2010, the company was awarded by Shandong Environmental Protection Authority.
 In June 2010, the company was listed.
 In August 2010, Zibo Industry and Informatization Bureau set up Zibo pharmaceutical intermediate central lab in
   Hutian factory.
 In November 2011, the company enlarged the sodium p-styrene sulfonate production line.
 In December 2012, the company was awarded as high-tech enterprise of the province.
 In January 2013, XZL Biological Product R&D Co., Ltd. was established in Zibo Biological Industrial Park.
 In 2014, we researched and developed three new products of PSSA, Thiophene -2- sulfonic acid, 
   1,3-Propanesultone and the new synthetic process of HEPES. 
  In 2015, we researched and developed five new products of TAPS, CAPS, MOPSO-Na, TRIS and SDS. 
 In the beginning of 2016, we researched and developed two new products of TRIS HCL and LDS. 

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