About Us  

 Implication of the company name
'XZL'——means the combination of professional talents for prosperity of the enterprise.
The collection of talents and to achieve development by combination is the nature for enterprise development.
XZL reflects the cooperation spirit, shows the cohesion of people orientation value.
​ Core culture and responsibility of the enterprise
Responsibility starts from individual
Only by being responsible to the public, can the enterprise achieve long-term development. Review the past, grasp present, and look into the future.
Synchronization of innovation and development
Innovation is the source for the sustainable development of the enterprise.
Xingzhilian pursues the spirit of innovation and it strives to enhance the technological content of the enterprise, so as to become the good partner of the clients.
Integrity based, care for life
Respect talent and cooperation is to respect the enterprise to some extent. Integrity is the second life of individual and it is soul for cooperation. We believe that we can win bright future on the basis of respect and integrity.
Confidence, comes from everlasting practice and perseverance
Facing difficulties perseveringly, we will forge ahead with confidence. Our confidence stem from our loyalty, cooperation, efficiency, everlasting practice and perseverance.

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