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Pre-oxidation and carbonization treatment of guanidine hydrochloride(50-01-1) modified acetonitrile

By pre-oxidation and carbonization of guanidine hydrochloride(50-01-1) modified acrylic fiber, it is made into carbon fiber. It was found that the strength and modulus of modified acrylic fiber were higher than that of unmodified acrylic fiber under the same preoxidation and carbonation process. The modification of guanidine hydrochloride plays an important role in improving the mechanical properties of acrylic fiber. The tensile strength and tensile modulus of modified acrylic fiber were 2.56GPa and 227GPa, respectively, which exceeded the requirements of low cost carbon fiber index of American Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) (tensile strength ≥1.72GPa, tensile Modulus ≥ 172Va), indicating that the use of guanidine hydrochloride modified acrylic fiber is feasible. As the guanidine hydrochloride(50-01-1) also has a low price, soluble in water, non-corrosive equipment, non-metal ions and other advantages, therefore, the method is expected to be used in industrial production in the future.



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