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Application of guanidine hydrochloride(cas 50-01-1) in bioseparation technology

In the process of stripping, adding low concentration of urea and guanidine hydrochloride(cas 50-01-1) can effectively improve the extraction efficiency, and electrophoresis and dynamic light scattering technology confirmed that guanidine hydrochloride can really improve the extraction yield of the effect. The optimum conditions for the extraction of pancreatic kininogenase by reverse micelles were as follows: pre-extraction [CTAB] = 0.02 mol·L-1, n-hexanol / n-octane (V / V) = 1 : 5, pH = 9.0, [KBr] = 0.1 mol·L-1. The enzyme concentration: 1 mg · mL-1; crude enzyme: stripping pH = 4.0, [Urea] = 0.6 mol·L-1, 15% ethanol (V / V) ] = 0.8 mol·L-1, guanidine hydrochloride(cas 50-01-1) 0.08 mol·L-1, and the enzyme concentration was 10 mg · mL-1. Under this condition, the extraction rate of the product enzyme is close to 100%, and the total yield of crude enzyme is 82.17%. The purification ratio of commercial enzyme was 1.45 times, the crude enzyme was 6.66 times, and the ratio of the crude enzyme was 108.07U / mg after purification. The results showed good industrial application prospect.



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