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Determination of Vitamin B1 in Drugs in TRIS(77-86-1) - Hydrochloric Acid Buffer Solution

The association of the combination of vitamin B1 and chlorophenol red in the presence of TRIS(77-86-1)-hydrochloric acid buffer solution and cetylpyridine pyridine at pH 6.38 significantly enhanced resonance Rayleigh scattering and produced a new resonance. The maximum resonance Rayleigh scattering peak is located at 339 nm, and the mass concentration of vitamin B1 is linearly related to its corresponding resonance Rayleigh scattering enhancement (ΔI / RRS) within 0.03-0.42 mg · L -1. (3s / k) is 0.004 2 mg · L -1.

A method for the determination of vitamin B1 in drugs by deuterated Rayleigh scattering method was proposed. The relative standard deviation (n = 6) of the measured values was between 2.1% and 2.5%, and the recoveries were between 99.2% and 102%.



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