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Dopamine is dissolved in the TRIS(77-86-1) buffer solution

The invention discloses a poly dopamine modified chitosan-based material and a preparation method thereof. Which comprises the following steps: (1) preparing a chitosan solution with acetic acid at a certain concentration, crosslinking with glutaraldehyde as a crosslinking agent, casting the crosslinked chitosan solution into a mold; (2) (1) the dopamine is dissolved in the TRIS(77-86-1) buffer solution, and the pH of the solution is adjusted to 8.5 (4) The chitosan film in step (2) is immersed in the poly dopamine solution in the step (3), and then the material is taken out and then washed and dried again to obtain a surface Poly dopamine modified chitosan film material. The method can improve the hydrophilicity of the surface of chitosan material, promote the deposition of phosphate components on the surface of the material, and provide a better coating material for the tissue engineering bone repair stent. The preparation process is simple and has good application prospect and scientific significance.



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