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Study on flocculation characteristics of sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3) and aluminum salt

In order to better remove the residual surfactant in the water, sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3) was used as the object of study. At 298.15K, the SDS concentration above the critical micelle concentration and the CMC was compared with the typical inorganic flocculant AlCl3) was studied experimentally and experimentally.

The results showed that the molar ratio of Al ^ 3 + to SDS (recorded as CAl / BSDS) was about 0 when 0.01 mol / LSDS and 0.001 mol / LSDS were the best flocculation in the SDS / AlCl3 flocculation system .5 and 1.0. In the best flocculation, the Zeta potential of the system is close to zero, the surface tension is reduced to the minimum, the pH is below 4.0, and the conductivity increases linearly with CAl / BSDS. In the 0.01 mol / L SDS(cas 151-21-3) and Al "flocculation system, when the agglomeration molar ratio was about 21.6, the flocs disappeared completely and were no longer turbid, while in the range of 0.001 mol / LSDS and Al ^ 3 + flocculation system No signs of disappearance of flocs were observed.



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