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Optimization on Enzyme Hydrolysis of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(cas 151-21-3) Pretreatment Gluten Process

In order to improve the enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency of wheat gluten, wheat gluten protein pretreated with sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS, cas 151-21-3) was prepared by alkaline protease. The hydrolysis rate (DH) and the yield of peptides were used as indicators to study the enzymolysis time, SDS addition, substrate concentration, enzyme concentration, pH on the enzymatic efficiency.

The results showed that SDS(cas 151-21-3) could significantly improve the enzymolysis efficiency, and the optimum conditions for the preparation of peptides by wheat gluten were as follows: the time of enzymolysis was 4 h, the amount of SDS added 4 mg / mL, substrate concentration 8 g / 100 mL and enzyme concentration 9 mg / mL. At this time, the yield of DH and peptide were 12.36% and 57.24%, respectively.



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