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Tris(77-86-1) buffer was used for the determination of protein quantification

Folin-phenol reagent:
① Time-consuming, to accurately control the operating time;
② Folin - phenol reagent preparation is more cumbersome, and phenols and citric acid, ammonium sulfate, Tris(77-86-1) buffer, glycine, carbohydrates, glycerol, reducing agents (dithiothreitol, mercaptoethanol), EDTA and urea all interfere with the reaction.
Advantages: high sensitivity, the determination of water-soluble protein content is very effective.
Principle: Folin-phenolic principle and biuret method is roughly the same, the use of protein peptide bond with copper to produce biuret urea reaction. Also, the phosphomolybdic acid-phosphotungstic acid reagent in the Folin-phenol reagent is reduced by the tyrosine and phenylalanine residues in the protein to produce a mixture of dark blue molybdenum blue and tungsten blue. Under certain conditions, the blue depth is proportional to the amount of protein, whereby the protein content can be determined. Measuring range: 20 ~ 250ug.



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