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Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(151-21-3) on Surface Modification of CuO - TiO2 Catalyst

CuO-TiO2 catalysts with organic groups on the surface were prepared by using sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS, 151-21-3) as modifier.

The crystal structure, structure, chemical composition, surface groups and photoluminescence properties of the catalysts were characterized by XRD, low temperature nitrogen adsorption-desorption, BET, XRF, FTIR, UV-Vis and three-dimensional fluorescence. The absorption threshold of the catalyst is not more than 830 nm, but the nitrogen adsorption curve of the catalyst after the addition of (SDS, 151-21-3) is changed from type IV isothermal curve to Ⅴ. When the concentration is the critical micelle concentration, the catalyst grains and the average pore size is the largest; the specific surface area and the total pore volume are the smallest; the number of oxygen vacancies in the catalyst and the surface C-C and -CH- groups are the most, and the photocatalytic performance of the catalyst is the best.



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