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Study on Anti - HSV - 2 Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(151-21-3)

The effect of sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS, 151-21-3) on HSV-2 was confirmed, and the effective concentration and safety were determined.

Methods: Inhibitory effect of different concentrations of SDS(151-21-3) on HSV-2 was observed by in vitro cell culture. Aciclovir (ACV) was observed.

Results: The minimum effective inhibitory concentration of SDS was 0.015625 mg / mL for HSV-2, and the inhibitory effect was not significantly different from that of 0.1 mg / mL acyclovir group (P> 0.05). The SDS with the lowest inhibitory concentration was very little impact, this higher than 8 times the concentration of SDS is still safe.

Conclusion: SDS(151-21-3) has obvious inhibitory effect on HSV-2 in vitro and has good safety for cultured cells.



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