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Determine the effect of guanidine hydrochloride(50-01-1) on the catalytic activity of purified PG and COS-PG

In order to explore the effect of several protein denaturants on polygalacturonase, the purified polygalacturonase(PG) was treated with water-soluble low molecular weight chitooligosaccharides (COS, molecular weight of about 5000) as modifier(COS-PG), and then the effects of different protein denaturants (urea, guanidine hydrochloride(50-01-1), SDS and phenol) on the catalytic activity of purified PG and COS-PG were determined by chemical modification to obtain purified chemical modification enzyme (COS-PG).

The results showed that the specific activity of COSPG after modification was 340.10U · (mgprotein) -1, which was 153% higher than that of PG before modification, and the sugar content of COS-PG was 43.11% higher than PG, The modification rate was 32.85%. SDS(sodium dodecyl sulfate), phenol on PG and COS-PG activity inhibition, 1 0mm. L-1 SDS inhibited the PG and COS-PG activities by 80.99% and 91.14%, respectively. 10 mmol. L-1 phenol inhibited PG and COS, respectively. PG activity of 34.08% and 3270%. Low concentrations of urea and guanidine hydrochloride have an activating effect on PG, 5 mmol. L-1 urea increased PG activity by 157.79%, 3 mmol. L-1 urea increased the activity of COS-PG by 67.32%. 2 mmol·L-1 guanidine hydrochloride increased PG activity by 57.64%, -1mm01. L-1 guanidine hydrochloride(50-01-1) to COS-PG activity increased by 576%.



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