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Lauric acid and Tris(cas 77-86-1) as buffer solution

A method for the rapid determination of eight triazine pesticides by capillary micellar electrokinetic chromatography was established by using lauric acid as surfactant and Tris(cas 77-86-1) as buffer solution. 

The factors influencing the type and concentration of electrophoretic medium, pH value, operating voltage and injection time were optimized. With 50 mmol /L lauric acid and 100 mmol /L, Tris(cas 77-86-1) as buffer solution (pH10.0), the volume fraction was 20% of the acetone as the organic modifier under the conditions, can be achieved within 2.2 min of the oxazinone, cyanobutyric acid, cedarzine, atrazine, pestoide, atrazine, thalidonide, terbutidine separation detection. The detection limits were 0.8 ~ 2.5μg /L, the recoveries were 88% ~ 106% and the relative standard deviations were 3.3% ~ 5.0%.



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