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To synthesize new organoguanidine biological slime inhibitor with guanidine hydrochloride(cas 50-01-1) as raw material

A new organoguanidic bio-slime inhibitor was synthesized by condensation reaction with guanidine-containing monomers such as guanidine hydrochloride(cas 50-01-1), hexamethylene diamine and long-chain alkylamine. The bactericidal properties and slime stripping Performance was evaluated. The results show that the introduction of long molecular chains in the product, so that the product not only has good bactericidal properties, but also has excellent slime stripping function. 50 mg / L of the amount of dregs to achieve more than 80% of the peel efficiency; 30 mg / L of the dose of saprophytic bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria and iron bacteria three kinds of bacteria kill rate is greater than 99%.



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