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Interaction of Diphenylamine Diazonium Salt with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(cas 151-21-3) in Aqueous Solution

The interaction of diphenylamine-4-diazonium salt (DDS) with sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3)(SDS) in aqueous solution was reported.
The experimental results show that the viscosity of the system increases rapidly with the change of the ratio of SDS/ DDS (ξ), and when ξ = 0 ~ 0.9, the viscosity of the system is almost constant. When ξ = 2.3, the precipitate dissolves and increases with the viscosity of the system, and the maximum viscosity reaches 2 520 times the initial value. After that, the viscosity of the system decreases rapidly to the initial value with the increase of ξ. The microstructure of DDS-SDS aggregates System viscosity of the relationship between the preliminary discussion. At the same time found that the system viscosity is photosensitive, ultraviolet light can make it a rapid decline.



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