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Sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3) one of the co-solvents commonly used in dissolution media would have different problems in different media

Sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3) is one of the co-solvents commonly used in dissolution media, but it will have different problems in different media! It will be troublesome to use and even worry about its own research. Comrades all know that in accordance with the principles of dissolution technology or Chinese Pharmacopoeia preparation pH6.8 buffer salt medium, adding SDS, less than 30 degrees after the precipitation will occur, which is the reaction of K salt and SDS results, according to the Japanese Pharmacopoeia Of the pH6.8 buffer salt preparation method and the use of boiling method to dissolve sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3), the effect will be better, can be slightly less than 30 degrees without precipitation, may be related to low K salt concentration. However, in the preparation of 0.1mol / LHCl medium, although the addition of SDS does not produce precipitation, but after checking its nature, sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3) at less than pH2.5 will be decomposed into lauryl alcohol and sodium bisulfate, so the problem came, decomposition After the SDS effect will produce what changes, activity decreased, or even inactivation, or will become a better effect because of alcohol?



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