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The sample was extracted with a mixture of TRIS(cas 77-86-1) and calcium chloride

In order to establish the detection method of erythromycin residues in the spike of honey bee, the samples were extracted with TRIS(cas 77-86-1) and calcium chloride mixed solution (pH 9.0). After purification by OASIS HLB solid phase extraction column. The results showed that the recoveries were 45.8% ~ 73.0% when the dosage of erythromycin was 5,10,20 μg / L, and the detection limit was 0.1 μg / L (HPLC-MS / MS). The establishment of this method provides a basis for judging the effect of erythromycin accumulation in nest spleen on the quality and safety of bee products, and then provides technical support for the rational use of production and the development and utilization of honey bees.



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