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Rheological Properties of Micro - block Hydrophobic Associated Polymer /Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(cas 151-21-3) Solution System

The effects of hydrophobic microcarbon length and sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3) on the rheological properties of poly (superscript /subscript) system were studied. The results show that the microcavity length has a great influence on the viscosity of the hydrophobic associative polymer solution. 

The longer the block, the easier the intermolecular association of the polymer is. With the addition of sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS) , the viscosity of each poly / table system in the short term there is an extreme value, and then down to a stable value, the longer the block length, the greater the extreme point. The shear thickening and viscoelastic properties exhibited by the polymer and the SDS system also increased as the length of the block increased. By studying the variation of the modulus (G0) and the characteristic relaxation time (TR) of different system platforms, it was found that the block length and sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3) content had a great influence on the density of the physical crosslinking association point of the poly / Less affected. This paper helps to better explain the intrinsic factors of the interaction of micro-block hydrophobic associative polymers with surfactants.



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