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20 mmol /L disodium hydrogen phosphate - 100 mmol /L TRIS(cas 77-86-1) buffer

To establish a high-performance capillary electrophoresis fingerprint of effective site of anti-hepatic fibrosis of turtle.

Methods: Using capillary electrophoresis, 75 μm × 57 cm uncoated quartz capillary, running buffer was 20 mmol / L disodium hydrogen phosphate -100 mmol/L TRIS(cas 77-86-1) (1: 1, 1 mol / L NaOH adjusted to pH 12.0), the voltage is 18 kV, the detection wavelength is 254 nm, the column temperature is 20 ℃, 10 batches of different origin turtle shell. 

The results showed that the fingerprints of HPCE fingerprints were accurate and reliable, and the quality of the effective parts of the anti-hepatic fibrosis control provides a reference basis.



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