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Study on Quality Control of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(cas 151-21-3)

Study on the quality of sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3).

Methods: HP-5 (30m × 0.53mm, 1.50μm) capillary column with nitrogen as carrier gas, FID detector, the program temperature, direct injection, using area normalization method for the determination of sodium dodecyl sulfate hydrolyzate. The dodecyl alcohol content of dodecyl alcohol was determined by dodecyl alcohol as the external standard.

Results: The dodecanol had a good linearity in the concentration range of 6.16 μg · mL -1 to 6.16 mg · mL -1, and the correlation coefficient was 0.9999. The purity of the products with the same labeling content of different enterprises is quite different.

Conclusion: The method is simple, accurate and reproducible, and it can be used for the determination of gas purity and content of sodium dodecyl sulfate(cas 151-21-3).



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