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Characteristics of sodium p-styrenesulfonate(cas 2695-37-6)

Sodium p-styrenesulfonate(cas 2695-37-6) has the following characteristics:

1) Stability during storage, resistance to polymerizability, resistance to consolidation;

2) Thermal stability: excellent heat resistance, no decomposition at 300 ℃;

3) Polymerization: As a sulfonic acid monomer, it is highly polymerizable by virtue of its ability to induce sulfonic acid groups bonded to the para position; 

4) Free radical polymerization can be achieved by using a general initiator.

Sodium p-styrenesulfonate(cas 2695-37-6) is a unique polymer monomer used in reactive emulsifiers, dyeing aids, water treatment agents (dispersants, flocculants), photographic agents (diaphragms), charged to prevent agents, semiconductors, image film, heat transfer products, etc.; mainly used for dry production of acrylic monomer of the third monomer.



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