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Synthesis of sodium p-styrenesulfonate(cas 2695-37-6)-g-Fe3O4 /SiO2

Synthesis of sodium p-styrenesulfonate(cas 2695-37-6)-g-Fe3O4 /SiO2: Accurately weigh 0.3g of the initiator-modified Fe3O4 /SiO2 into the 25 mL polymerization tube, add 0.0411 g of Bpy and 0.539 g of sodium styrene sulfonate. The reaction mixture was allowed to pass through at room temperature. Nitrogen was deoxygenated for 30 min, then 6 mL of H2O: CH3OH (3: 1) mixture was added and the mixture was ultrasonically dispersed. Finally, 0.0192 g CuBr was added and heated at 25C for 3 h. The reaction was terminated in air and the polymerization product was centrifuged at 8000 r /min, 10min under the conditions of separation, with secondary water to remove the impurities in the precipitation, vacuum drying at 60 ℃ 72h.



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