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Physiological salt solution: MOPS(cas 1132-61-2)

MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) is a physiological salt solution.

In vivo or isolated organs and tissue experiments, should be as much as possible in the specimen in the body in the environment to ensure its normal life and its functional activities. 

(1) Osmotic pressure is the same as tissue fluid;
(2) Have to maintain the normal function of the organization and organs of the necessary proportion of the various ions;
(3) pH and plasma are the same and have the ability to buffer;
(4) Nutrients, oxygen and temperature and tissue fluid the same. This type of liquid is called a physiological salt solution.
Different types of the replacement of different animal species, osmotic pressure is not the same, therefore, as a substitute for the solution of the physiological salt solution in the composition is also different. Such as: amphibious animal body fluid osmotic pressure equivalent to 0.65% NaCI solution; warm blood animal body fluid osmotic pressure is equivalent to 0.9% NaCI solution; marine animal body fluid osmotic pressure is equivalent to about 3% NaCI solution.



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