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Sodium p-styrenesulfonate(cas 2695-37-6) was grafted onto the surface of phenolphthalein polyaryletherketone ultrafiltration membrane

The free radical copolymerization was initiated on the surface of the phenolphthalein polyaryletherketone ultrafiltration membrane by UV irradiation, followed by grafting of dimethyldiallylammonium chloride and sodium p-styrenesulfonate(cas 2695-37-6) to prepare hydrophilicity. The effects of monomer concentration and grafting time on the separation performance of the membrane were studied by measuring the pure water flux of the membrane and the apparent rejection of different salt solutions.

The results show that the hydrophobic amphoteric nanofiltration membrane prepared by this method is related to the retention of salt solution and the concentration and grafting time of the two monomers in the grafting solution. The membrane is composed of high valence ion and high valence. The salt composition of the ions shows excellent retention.



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