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Loading and unloading of LDS(cas 2044-56-6)

Loading and unloading of LDS(cas 2044-56-6), transport personnel, should be shipped according to the nature of dangerous goods, wear the appropriate protective equipment, loading and unloading must be light loading and unloading, is strictly prohibited to fall, heavy pressure and friction, shall not damage the packaging containers, and attention signs, stacked safe. Before handling, handle the necessary ventilation and cleaning of the vehicle (ship) handling tool, and leave no residue on the vehicle (boat) with highly toxic items, and must be washed clean after unloading.

Transport LDS(cas 2044-56-6) vehicles should be dedicated to the car, and there are obvious signs to meet the traffic management departments of vehicles and equipment Requirements:

① Car floor must be flat and intact, the surrounding fence must be strong;
② Motor vehicle exhaust pipe should be installed flame arrester, the circuit system should be cut off the total power supply and isolation sparks device.



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