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HEPES(cas 7365-45-9) is used for the separation and primary culture of macrophages from the rhubarb

A technique for the construction of an in vitro model of macrophage macrophages in vitro is characterized by centrifugal separation of fish head kidney macrophages using a Percoll horizontal gradient of 31% /45% gradient and incubation at 22 °C in a medium containing 50 ml Fetal bovine serum, 10 million UI streptomycin, 5 million UI heparin, 10 mmol HEPES(cas 7365-45-9) and 0.5 g glucose, pH 7.4 in L15 compound medium.

The invention has the following advantages:

(1) Percentage of 31% /45% Percent Gradient Centrifugal Separation of Pancreatic Head Macrophages in the Isolated Cells was 42%;
(2) After the night culture, the purity of macrophages adhered to macaque cells was up to 90%;
(3) After 48 weeks of culture, the survival rate of macrophages of macaque cells was over 58%;
(4) Functional verification confirmed that LPS could significantly affect phagocytosis and respiratory burst activity of cultured macrophages of macrophage.



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