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General requirements for LDS(cas 2044-56-6) transportation

(1) The shipper consigns LDS(cas 2044-56-6), the carrier should be explained to the transport of LDS name, quantity, hazards, emergency measures, etc.; transport LDS(cas 2044-56-6) need to add inhibitors or stabilizers, the shipper should be added to the shipment of the inhibitor or stability and inform the carrier; the shipper shall not entrain dangerous chemicals in the consignments of ordinary goods, and shall not indemnify the dangers of dangerous chemicals or misrepresent the goods as ordinary goods. 

(2) Transport, handling dangerous chemicals, should be in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, rules and regulations and national standards and in accordance with the dangerous characteristics of hazardous chemicals, take the necessary security measures. 

(3) TDS and other containers for transporting LDS(cas 2044-56-6) must be tightly sealed to withstand internal pressure and external pressure generated under normal conditions of transport to ensure that hazardous chemicals are not subject to any changes in temperature, humidity or pressure during transport.



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