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MES(cas 4432-31-9) buffer solution(pH=5.5)

The invention discloses a nano-gold-catalyzed silver nitrate reduction spectrophotometric method for the determination of UO22 + in water, mainly using MES(cas 4432-31-9) buffer at pH 5.5, UO22 + cleavable double-stranded DNA. The release of the single stranded DNA in the substrate chain, the release of nano gold on the surface of gold nanoparticles. The silver particles in the reaction solution have a strong absorption peak at 460 nm by the reaction of silver nitrate-gallic acid catalyzed by nano-gold in the reaction solution.

With the increase of UO22 + concentration, the content of non-aggregated nano-gold in the reaction solution increased and the absorption peak intensity increased at 460nm, and the catalytic photometric method of UO22 + was established. Compared with the existing methods, the method has the advantages of simple instrumentation, simple operation, fastness, high sensitivity and good selectivity.



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