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LDS(cas 2044-56-6) transport management

Transportation is an important part of LDS(cas 2044-56-6) circulation process, in each year a variety of accident statistics, LDS transport accidents occupy a large proportion. The "Safety Production Law" and the "Hazardous Chemicals Safety Regulations" provide for the regulation and requirements for the transport of dangerous chemicals. The aim is to strengthen the safety management of dangerous chemicals and prevent accidents. The transport of dangerous chemicals is divided into international transport and domestic transport by trade. It is divided into water transport, civil aviation transportation, rail transport and road transport by means of transportation.

LDS(cas 2044-56-6) loading and unloading operations must be carried out under the command of the loading and unloading management staff. The drivers, crew, loading and unloading personnel and escorts of dangerous chemicals must understand the nature of the hazardous chemicals carried, the characteristics of the hazard, the characteristics of the use of the packaging container and the contingency measures in the event of an accident. Transport the LDS(cas 2044-56-6), must be equipped with the necessary emergency treatment equipment and protective equipment.



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