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The sample was collected by mixing with MOPS(cas 1132-61-2)

The ultrafiltrate sample was collected by mixing 1: 1 with 0.5 mol / L of MOPS(cas 1132-61-2), vortexed for 1 minute, and then frozen at -80 ° C. All specimens were thawed before measurement. The concentration of imipenem in the study was determined by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS /MS). The plasma concentration of imipenem was calculated according to the measured data. The pharmacokinetic analysis was performed using DAS 3.0 analysis software.

This study confirms that for patients with severe sepsis who receive continuous renal replacement therapy, the best anti-infective effect is achieved when the MIC of the pathogen is 1 mg / L, and the MIC is 2 mg / L, anti-infection is effective, but can not achieve the best anti-infective effect, increase the dose of imipenem or shorten the interval may be a better choice.



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