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The safe storage of the LDS(2044-56-6)

The safe storage of the LDS(2044-56-6) library must be done in the following areas:

Construction of LDS(2044-56-6) Treasury System. To develop a variety of dangerous chemicals classification and storage system, is strictly prohibited mixed storage and transportation; to develop warehouse storage responsibility system, fire responsibility system, conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the state and relevant departments. 

Strict out of storage management. Carefully check the acceptance, is strictly prohibited. Packaging and signs do not meet the requirements of the items, prohibited storage; after the library to clean, do not allow missing. 

Daily management of LDS(2044-56-6) warehouses. For the nature of instability, easy to break down, deterioration, causing combustion, explosion of chemical dangerous goods, to regular temperature measurement, testing and observation. Treasury to set up management, often open doors and windows ventilation, and pay attention to prevent rain, snow. When the room temperature is too high, take the cooling measures. 

LDS(2044-56-6) treasury fire management. Strict management of fire sources, heat and electrical equipment. We are not allowed to rest, test, pack and engage in other operations that may cause a fire near the warehouse or at the open yard. Regularly check the alarm and fire, rescue equipment integrity, reliability, timely replacement of fire extinguishing.



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