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How does MES(4432-31-9) act as a buffer solution

MES(4432-31-9) Buffer Solution Principle and pH: When adding certain amounts of acid and base to some solutions, there is a significant effect on the pH of the solution.

Weak acid and its salt mixed solution (such as HAc and NaAc), weak base and its salt mixed solution (such as NH3 · H2O and NH4Cl) are buffer solution. The buffer effect of the buffer solution consisting of weak acid HA and its salt NaA is due to the presence of a sufficient amount of base A- in the solution. When a certain amount of strong acid is added to this solution, the H ions are essentially consumed by the A-ions: the pH of the solution is almost constant; when a certain amount of strong base is added, the weak acid HA present in the solution consumes OH- and impede changes in pH.



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