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DMF(N, N-dimethylformamide) -HEPES(cas 7365-45-9) buffer

A phosphorescent iridium (III) complex which can be used to detect thiols. The compound is of the formula C46H41F6IrN5OP -- which is synthesized by liquid phase reaction in an organic solvent. This compound has a selective recognition function for thiol amino acids, especially cysteine(Cys), which is reacted with cysteine in DMF (N, N-dimethylformamide) -HEPES(cas 7365-45-9) (hydroxyethylpiperazine B (PH = 7.2, v / v = 4: 1) at room temperature can increase the phosphorescence intensity by 20 times. It can also be observed that the UV-Vis spectrum has a significant blue shift, bright yellow. The solution becomes colorless and is suitable for naked eye qualitative detection and phosphorescence quantitative monitoring of cysteine.



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