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Safety measures for LDS(2044-56-6) stacked open yard

LDS(2044-56-6) fixed open yard must comply with national regulations on fire protection. In case of fire, damp, exposure easily lead to decomposition, burning, explosion of dangerous chemicals, are not allowed to long-term open storage. The open pit yard shall be provided with a platform with a height of not less than 0.3 m from the ground; there shall be a drainage ditch or a ditch, and a protective fence shall be provided. Fire fighting methods can not mix. The items stored in the open yard must be sorted, divided, sorted, and set aside the necessary fire spacing, such as stacking between at least 3m of the channel.

Temporary stacking of LDS(2044-56-6), sunscreen, rain, application of flame retardant treatment of the rain cover and fixed. The open yard should be equipped with semi-fixed fire-fighting facilities and some mobile fire extinguishers according to the physical and chemical properties.



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