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MES(4432-31-9) adjuste the pH of calcium and potassium solutions

Solution preparation:
Ca2 + and K + mother liquor were prepared by using nitrate and potassium nitrate respectively. The test solution of Ca2 + and K + concentration was prepared by adding different amounts of mother liquor. In addition to the pH group, the calcium and potassium solutions were adjusted to pH 6.0 with 2.0 mmol / L MES(4432-31-9), respectively. 7 concentrations of Cd solution (0, 1.12, 2.24, 4.48, 8.96, 17.92, 35.84 mg / L) were prepared by adding Cd (NO3) 2.4 H2O in each concentration of calcium and potassium ions and different pH solutions. The treatment is repeated three times.



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