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Preparation of total RNA in eukaryotic cells need 3-propanesulfonic acid(MOPS, cas 1132-61-2)

Required reagents of the preparation of total RNA in eukaryotic cells: 0.1% Diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC): 200 ml of double distilled water plus 0.2 ml of DEPC, homogenized overnight at room temperature, autoclaved; Electrophoretic buffer: 20 mg 6 g of 3-propanesulfonic acid(MOPS, cas 1132-61-2) was dissolved in 800 ml of a 50 mmol / L sodium acetate solution treated with DEPC and the pH of the solution was adjusted to 7.0 with 2 mol / L sodium hydroxide. 10 ml of 0. 5 mol / LDETA (pH 8  0) treated with DEPC, plus the amount of water treated with DEPC to the total volume of the solution, the above solution was filtered through a 0.2. 22 m filter, 1% denatured agarose gel: weigh 0.2g agarose, add DEPC water 12  6ml, 5  electrophoresis buffer 4ml, heated to dissolve, slightly cooled by adding 37% formaldehyde 34ml, Room temperature solidification (fume hood operation).



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