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Sodium p-styrenesulfonate(2695-37-6)-maleic anhydride (SSMA)

In order to study the relationship between structure and properties of polymer drilling fluid viscosity reducing agent, the effects of sodium p-styrenesulfonate(2695-37-6), maleic acid and maleic anhydride as raw materials and ammonium persulfate on the synthesis of sodium benzenesulfonate-maleic anhydride(SSMA) and acrylic acid - maleic anhydride (AMA) were used to study the effect of viscosity reduction and resistance to salt in drilling fluid. The results show that the sulfonic acid group-containing SSMA and carboxyl group-containing AMA can effectively remove the clay particles in the drilling fluid and reduce the viscosity and shear force of the drilling fluid, but both in the drilling fluid salt (NaCl), Ca (CaCl 2) and high temperature conditions show more complex behavior. The viscosity reduction effect of AMA in freshwater drilling fluid and brine drilling fluid is stronger than that of SSMA. When the dosage is low (≤0.3%), the viscosity reduction effect of calcium treatment drilling fluid is stronger than SSMA, but the dosage is higher (0.3 %), AMA in the calcium treatment drilling fluid viscosity reduction effect or even from the role of viscosity. Compared with AMA, SSMA-treated drilling fluid has poor resistance to NaCl, and has strong ability to resist CaCl2 pollution. AMA viscosity reduction by the impact of high temperature aging than SSMA small, showing better temperature performance.



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