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Precautions of LDS(cas 2044-56-6) stacking

If the warehouse layout and construction does not meet the requirements of the architectural design fire safety regulations, LDS(cas 2044-56-6) mixed mess, stacking unreasonable, improper installation of electrical equipment or explosion-proof performance is poor, anti-static device is not perfect, poor ventilation or ventilation not enough, cold and cold facilities are not complete, poor fire measures, etc., will cause a disaster accident, leading to serious consequences.

LDS(cas 2044-56-6) mixed storage disorder, easy to cause chemical reaction fire. Exposure, heat easily lead to the expansion of liquid items and explosion. Water damp, easy to break down, spontaneous combustion or deterioration. Container or packaging corrosion damage, easy to cause damage caused by disaster. Stacking too large, too high, too dense, easy to spread after the fire, so that the accident to expand, but also to evacuate the rescue difficult, consequences of more serious harm.



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