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MES(cas 4432-31-9) buffer solution for pepsin experiments

In the following examples, the pepsinogen II monoclonal antibody 1, pepsinogen II monoclonal antibody I1, rabbit anti-mouse IgG antibody, phosphate buffer solution, bovine serum albumin (BSA), polyethylene glycol octyl Phenyl ether (Triton X-100), MES(cas 4432-31-9) buffer solution coated with fluorescent dyes and modified with amino groups.

The utility model provides a test strip for detecting pepsinogen II and a reagent card for the same, wherein the test strip comprises a bottom plate and a water absorbent which is sequentially adhered to the bottom plate in the longitudinal direction of the test strip A nitrocellulose coating film, a monoclonal antibody binding pad, and a sample pad; the nitrocellulose coating film is adhered to an intermediate portion of the bottom plate and is provided with a spacer tape and a control tape said monoclonal antibody binding pad being coated with a poly (microbial) of the fluorescent microspheres having a surface-modified pepsinogen II monoclonal antibody I, which is adjacent to the monoclonal antibody binding pad. The test strip for detecting pepsinogen II and the reagent card for the invention can realize rapid and single quantitative detection, and the sensitivity is high, and the intra-batch and inter-assay errors are small, which provides great convenience for clinical use.



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