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Grafted acrylic acid(AA) and sodium styrene sulfonate(2695-37-6) on high density polyethylene(HDPE)

A cationic exchange of carboxylic acid groups and sulfonic acid groups was prepared by grafting acrylic acid and grafted sodium styrene sulfonate(2695-37-6) on high density polyethylene by γ-ray irradiation. And the grafting rate of the reaction system at different pH values was studied in detail.

The results showed that the total grafting ratio(G1) and the total graft ratio(G) were obtained when the AA and sodium styrene sulfonate(2695-37-6)-grafted grafted HDPE or AA grafted HDPE membrane were co-co-irradiated with sodium styrene sulfonate(2695-37-6). The grafting rate(Gs) of sodium styrene sulfonate increased with the decrease of the pH value of the system. When the pre-irradiation one-step grafting, G1 and G8 increased with the decrease of pH, and then decreased, change the pH value to make the system viscosity change, thus affecting the monomer to the matrix diffusion rate.



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