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MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) electrophoresis buffer

3- (N-morpholino) propanesulfonic acid is abbreviated as MOPS(cas 1132-61-2), molecular formula C7H15NO4S, molecular weight is 209.26, CAS number is 1132-61-2. MOPS is a biological buffer, often used to prepare RNA electrophoresis buffer. 

MOPS electrophoresis buffer (1 ×, RNase free) mainly composed by the MOPS, sodium acetate, EDTA, treated by RNase free, mainly for RNA electrophoresis.

Precautions of using MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) buffer: 

1, If the mount is little for each time use, it is better to be properly packaged and then use. 
2, The buffer turn into yellow after exposured, while the light yellow buffer can be used.
3, For your safety and health, please wear experimental clothes and disposable gloves when operate.



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