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Add sodium p-styrenesulfonate(2695-37-6) to the linear polymer anion

The eight kinds of coal with different degree of metamorphism and three kinds of anionic additives with different molecular structures were selected. The influence of the structural characteristics of the additive on the electric potential of coal water slurry was studied in detail. The results show that for the linear polymer anion add sodium p-styrenesulfonate(2695-37-6), the dynamic potential of each coal increased with the increase of molecular weight (absolute value) in the range of relative molecular weight (5.34 million to 333,900). For the naphthalene sulfonic acid formaldehyde condensate sodium salt additive (NSF), the kinetic potentials are reduced to some extent when methyl and benzyl substituents are introduced into the naphthalene ring. For lignin and humic acid additives, the degree of change will also lead to the reduction of the electrification potential of coal particles.



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