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MOPS(1132-61-2) is a biological buffer

MOPS(1132-61-2) is a biological buffer. The growth and activity of cells in the body requires a certain pH, and any changes in the pH environment in the body will cause metabolic-related acid-base ionization equilibrium movement, which affects the activity of the cells in the body.

In order to accurately simulate the natural environment in the laboratory under the laboratory conditions, it is necessary to keep the in vitro biochemical reaction process in the same process pH value. In addition, the separation and purification and analysis of various biochemical samples must also be selected. PH, and therefore, in a variety of biochemical research work and biotechnology in a variety of development work, a profound understanding of the various buffer reagents such as the nature of MOPS(1132-61-2), accurate and appropriate selection and preparation of various buffer solution. The pH of the solution is very important for basic experimental work.



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