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MES(4432-31-9) - His as buffer system

A capacitive-coupled non-contact conductivity detector was developed using two 5 mm long tubular electrodes on the outside of the separation capillary. The electrodes were separated by 2 mm and connected to the function signal generator. The influence of the detector detection limits and the linear range excitation frequency, peak-to-peak voltage (Vp-p) and other factors were investigated, the results found that the frequency of 25 ~ 35 kHz, Vp-p at 30 V when the detector has the best signal to noise ratio; MES(4432-31-9) - His as buffer system, and several kinds of common inorganic ions such as Li +, Na +, K +, Mg2 +, Ca2 + and Ba2 + were separated by capillary electrophoresis. The pH value, the concentration and the separation voltage of the buffer solution. When the concentration of MES(4432-31-9) and His in the buffer was 10 mmol / L, the pH value was 5.0 and the separation voltage was 10 kV, the system had the best separation effect. The detection limits of the six kinds of ions were as follows: 16,13,5,10,10 and 8 μmol /L, the response linear range was 10-6 ~ 10-3 mol /L, the correlation coefficient was greater than 0.999.



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