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MOPS(1132-61-2) buffer solution can maintain the pH value

MOPS(1132-61-2) buffer solution can resist the addition of a small amount of acid and alkali, can still maintain the pH value of the same solution. This anti-pH effect of the solution is called buffering. The buffer solution is usually a solution obtained by dissolving one or two compounds in a solvent (i.e., pure water). The solute (compound) dissolved in the solution is called a buffer and the ratio of the buffer is adjusted to produce a different pH buffer. 

The correct formulation of the MOPS(1132-61-2) buffer solution and the accurate determination of the pH value are of great importance in biochemical research because the various biochemical processes carried out in the organism are carried out at precise pH values and are Hydrogen ion concentration of the strict control, can do this because the body has a sound natural buffer system.



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