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Physiological buffer: HEPES(7365-45-9)

A method for preparing physiological buffer, digestion and neuronal cell preparation of insect isolated neuron cells stably and reliably. The physiological buffer includes sodium chloride 180 ~ 200mmol /L, potassium chloride 5 ~ 7mmol /L, calcium chloride 4 ~ 5mmol /L, magnesium chloride 4 ~ 6mmol /L, sodium dihydrogen phosphate 0.8 ~ 1.0mmol /L, sucrose 70 ~ 90mmol /L, HEPES(7365-45-9) 10 ~ 12mmol /L, yeast extract 2 ~ 3g /L, pH 7.2 ~ 7.4. The digestion solution was obtained by dissolving trypsin and type IV collagenase in physiological buffer, wherein 0.8-1.2 mg of trypsin and 6.0-14.0 mg of type IV collagenase were dissolved in 10 ml of physiological buffer. The method for digestion and dissociation comprises dissolving insects to obtain insect nerves. The insect neurons obtained by preparing the insect neurons from the physiological buffer and the digestion solution of the invention are stable and complete, and the materials used are easy and low cost.



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