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MOPS(1132-61-2) was added to the culture medium to control the pH

To eliminate the effect of pH change, 20 mmol·L-1MOPS(1132-61-2) was added to the culture medium to control the pH in about 7.1. After culturing for 3 days, the alga solution was centrifuged and the algae was washed twice with deionized water. The samples were digested and the arsenic content was enriched. In addition, 7 mL of algae was centrifuged, washed with 0.1 mol·L-1 phosphate buffered saline (PBS) at pH 7.0 (5 mL each and rinsed 3 times) to remove arsenic adsorbed on the surface of algal cells, Arsenic content and its morphology.

The algal cells obtained by centrifugation were washed twice with deionized water and transferred to BG11 medium with different N and P concentrations. In order to avoid the effect of algal cell growth on enrichment and metabolism, the concentration of N in culture medium was set to 247mg · L-1 and 24.7mg · L-1, and no N on the other hand, chlorella can absorb P and store in the cell during the growth process. In order to reduce the P content of algal cells, Chlorella is cultured in the absence of P nutrient solution for 2 days, then transferred to the P concentration 6 mg · L-1 and 0.6 mg · L-1. Similar to the previous chlorella growth experiment, the N, P concentration setting also used a method of immobilizing an element concentration and changing another element concentration, i.e., 247 mg · L-1N and 6,0.6 mg · L-1P, 6 mg L-1P and 247, 24.7 mg · L-1N were combined. On this basis, As3 + and As5 + treatment concentrations of 0.8 mg · L-1, 8 mg · L-1 were set, and each treatment was 3 parallel, of the algae as a control, the initial OD680 was 0.085.



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