Basic Methods of Extinguish Lithium Dodecyl Sulfate(cas 2044-56-6) Fire
    The basic method of fighting the fire of LDS(cas 2044-56-6)
    Measures of the fire cause by LDS(cas 2044-56-6)
    How to handling with LDS(cas 2044-56-6) fire accident
    Knowledge of fire protection of LDS(cas 2044-56-6)
    Management of Emergency Plan for LDS(cas 2044-56-6) Accident
    The main content of LDS(cas 2044-56-6) accident emergency rescue plan
    Loading and unloading of LDS(cas 2044-56-6)
    LDS(cas 2044-56-6) by land transport must be equipped with escort personnel
    General requirements for LDS(cas 2044-56-6) transportation
    LDS(cas 2044-56-6) transport management
    The safe storage of the LDS(2044-56-6)
    LDS(cas 2044-56-6) must be stored in specialized warehouses
    Safety measures for LDS(2044-56-6) stacked open yard
    Warehouse security measures of LDS(2044-56-6)
    LDS(2044-56-6) packaging and handling
    Precautions of LDS(cas 2044-56-6) stacking
    LDS(2044-56-6) storage is a very important part of its circulation and use process
    The Contents and Structure of the LDS(cas 2044-56-6) Safety Technical Specification
    LDS(2044-56-6) management

High Purity Lithium Dodecyl Sulfate(LDS)

Chemical Name: LDS
CAS No.: 2044-56-6
Appearance: White crystal powder
Molecular Formula: C12H25LiO4S
Molecular Weight: 272.33
Packing: 25kg fiber drum
Application: 2044-56-6 is mainly used in medical dispersant, biological pharmaceutical equipment cleaning, electrophoresis, desiccant, preservative and other fields. 

High purity lithium dodecyl sulfate(LDS)(cas:2044-56-6) is an anionic detergent that can be utilized for applications ranging from solubilizing membrane proteins in non-denaturing conditions to creating denaturing conditions during gel electrophoresis.  Lithium dodecyl sulfate is also used for the complete disruption of membranes.

LDS(2044-56-6) chemical properties:
Formula weight: 272.33
Hazard information:
Hazard: Highly Flammable/Irritant/Corrosive/Hygroscopic/Store under Argon

LDS(2044-56-6) applications:
It is used as a detergent for solubilizing proteins for electrophoresis which exhibits greater solubility than SDS at lower temperatures. It is also used to formulate washing-cleaning products and as a laboratory reagent.

LDS(2044-56-6) notes:
Store away from oxidizing agents. Keep the container tightly closed and place it in a cool, dry and well ventilated condition.

 2044-56-6 2044-56-6 2044-56-6

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