Characteristics of MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) buffer
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    Preparation of MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) physiological saline solution
    Physiological salt solution: MOPS(cas 1132-61-2)
    MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) is a physiological salt solution
    MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) can be used as physiological saline solution
    MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) is used to determine the genome experiment of Phyllostachys pubescens
    Application of MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) to Trichophyton rubrum
    MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) is one of the pH stable buffer solution
    The sample was collected by mixing with MOPS(cas 1132-61-2)
    MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) for gene experiments
    MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) does not complex with Zn
    Formaldehyde modified agarose gel was placed in MOPS(1132-61-2) electrophoresis buffer
    Preparation of total RNA in eukaryotic cells need 3-propanesulfonic acid(MOPS, cas 1132-61-2)
    Preparation method and operation flow of RNA agarose gel MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) electrophoresis reagent
    MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) electrophoresis buffer
    MOPS(1132-61-2) is a biological buffer
    MOPS(1132-61-2) buffer solution can maintain the pH value
    MOPS(1132-61-2) was added to the culture medium to control the pH
    MOPS(cas 1132-61-2) is a toxic substance for biological experiments


Chemical Name:MOPS
CAS No.:1132-61-2
Appearance: White crystal powder
Molecular Formula:C7H15NO4S
Molecular Weight:209.26
Packing:25kg fiber drum

MOPS(1132-61-2) (3-(N-morpholino)propanesulfonic acid) is a buffer introduced by Good et al. in the 1960s. It is a structural analog to MES. Its chemical structure contains a morpholine ring. HEPES is a similar pH buffering compound that contains a piperazine ring. With a pKa of 7.20, MOPS is an excellent buffer for many biological systems at near-neutral pH.

MOPS(1132-61-2) Applications:
MOPS(1132-61-2) is frequently used as a buffering agent in biology and biochemistry. It has been tested and recommended for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Usage above 20 mM in mammalian cell culture work is not recommended.

 1132-61-2 1132-61-2 1132-61-2

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